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Read more about our accomplishments to-date, as well as planned projects in the path to restoring the Mansion House

Completed 2021
Dollhouse Re-Roof

The Samuel Jr Painter House (aka the Dollhouse) is estimated to have been built in 1749. The roof had been in disrepair, and thanks to a generous donation we were able to give the Dollhouse a new roof in March 2021.

Completed 2021
Mansion House First Floor

In early 2021 a tree fell on the Mansion House causing great damage to the roof, third floor, and areas of the first floor. The Mansion House Foundation raised funds for appropriate restoration and together with insurance funds restored 90% of the first floor. The restoration was extensive and included replacing the ballroom ceiling, refinishing the original hardwood floors and installing new hardwood, updating the restroom, tiling the entryway, and replacing the kitchen. The restoration was guided by the Mansion House Foundation who hired historic restoration architects and period designers.

Completed 2021
Phase 1 - Restoration of Gardens

With funds from a generous donor, the beautiful Mansion House gardens were restored to a state that can serve as an extended entertainment area. The new landscaping provided a level surface and pathways where visitors can walk among the renewed plantings and landscaping.

Completed 2022 
National Register of Historic Places
Securing a Determination of Eligibility

The Mansion House Foundation hired a consultant who submitted a phase one application to the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission. We received approval in October 2022 to be eligible to be listed on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP).

Plans for 2023 and the Future


Although much progress has been made, much needs to be done as the Mansion House boasts four bedrooms and baths on each of the second and third floors. In 2023, work on the second floor will be initiated.  It is anticipated that full restoration of the Mansion House will be completed by 2025.


In 2022-23, education will continue with quarterly open houses and tours of the Mansion House by appointment.

National Register of Historic Places

A phase two application will be submitted in late 2022 or early 2023 to be listed on the National Register of Historic Places as the Radley Run Historic District.

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