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The Mansion House Foundation



The James Painter House (JPH) is located in Radley Run, a community of approximately 300 homes located in Chester County, Pennsylvania. Most resident homes surround the open space of Radley Run Country Club (RRCC) however, only 30% of Radley Run residents are members of the country club. Within the center of the Radley Run community, sit eight aged and graceful structures, with one building dating back to the late 1600’s. Of the eight structures, four are designated as historic buildings. Three of these four historic structures, including the JPH, are owned by RRCC.

Historic buildings require constant preservation work and periodic restoration and the exorbitant cost for this is beyond the revenues of most country clubs. Recognizing that additional funds are required to preserve and restore the buildings, Radley Run community residents and RRCC members formed a committee in 2019 to research fund raising models. The most successful and compatible was that of an Illinois country club and a non-profit foundation. The committee adopted this model and in July 2020 incorporated the MHF as a 501(c)(3), EIN# 85-1861730. As with the Illinois foundation, the focus of the foundation is restoration of the historic buildings and education of the public about the region and these valuable resources.

Present Day


In the period 2020-2023, the work of the MHF Board and volunteers has resulted in major accomplishments including:

  • Raising donations in the amount of $156,000

  • Guiding and partially supporting the restoration of 25% of the JPH and the surrounding gardens

  • Delivering ten education/fund raising events

  • Securing a Determination of Eligibility for the JPH to be listed on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) as part of the Radley Run Historic District.


The MHF future plans include:

  • Continuing the restoration until complete

  • Securing a listing on the NRHP

  • Serving as an ongoing source of community education

  • Researching the relationship between the Radley Run-Painter Complex and the Underground Railroad

The Board


The MHF Board is composed of 14 committed persons, five of whom are on the Executive Committee.  There are seven committees whose members conduct the business of the organization.  Volunteers also assist the Board. All members and volunteers are skilled in the work of the committees on which they serve.

Interested in a board membership or a position on one of our committees? 

Email :

In the News


Read a write up about the Mansion House and the efforts of the MHF in this article featured in the "Chester County Press" by author Gene Pisasale.

Click here to open to the article.

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